Daway Achang (1959-)

Over 30 years in the art field, Liao is familiar with communication of art culture between Eastern and Western country and space aesthetics. This inspired him to create photography and even sculptures recently. Liao’s creation is deeply influent by the realism sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi (1987-1957) and Taiwan modern art grandmaster Chen Ting Shih(1913-2002). He is fond to use the scrap of wooden material and other found objects, and then combines with architecture elements to show the aesthetic feeling of space construction.

CHUNG, Chun-hsiung (1939-2021)

Chung began his art life in the age of 15, the time he joined in Wang Shi Chan Studio. Not only painting, but engraving and carving are his forte and he could exert them brilliant. tarted from the abstract style blew up from “Fifth Month” and “Tung Fung”, and then Taiwan culture journey,  aboriginal research, and the concept of “Diamond Sutra” recently, he created by all these element.

CHANG, Feng (1960-2020)

Chang started carving from an early age, and became the apprentice of master Ju Ming in 1979. Growing up at an unsophisticated town in middle Taiwan, he usually expresses his interesting experiences in childhood on artworks which stand for simple and content life. Inspired by observation and appreciation in ordinary life and nature, Chang hopes his works can lead audiences to find their innocence in childhood, and to delight our lives with truly unique works of art. With simple lines and vivid shapes, Chang is good at using plain materials to create the primitive beauty in his works, which are widely appreciated. Chang has had several solo and group exhibitions in Taiwan since 1994; his works are displayed in several museums and culture centers.

LIN, Ching-tzung (1964-)

Lin was born in Hualien, a place with beautiful natural scenery which inspires his creation. He presents his personal distinguishing characters with stone carvings, which are usually connected to abstract concept of fish. Through out his sculptures, he expresses his ideas about life by exploring the relation between fish, human, and environment. With adventurous mind, Lin tries different kinds of stone, reaching artful balance between bold whittling and delicate polish. All his creations are deserved to be relished exquisitely. One of Lin’s famous works, “Peaceful and content” is displayed in front of the Taipei Arena, as an admiring public art work.

CHEN, Ting-Hung (1962-)

Chen Ting Hung was born in Changhua in 1962. Now, he is the executive director of the Sculpture Society of Taiwan.

His creations focused on the body to explore the complex and changing world of emotions, the texture level was revealed by hand-wiping and tool-scraping, showing both exquisite and agreeable beauty. His works won lots of prizes and was awarded the Taichung City Government Collection.

DENG, Lien-Huai (1950-)

Deng’s early works were in realistic style, using details to express his feelings. After becoming a student of the landscape sculptor, Yang Yuyu, his works became more impressionistic, and he showed strength and beauty through those simple yet powerful lines. Over the years he has had many solo and group exhibitions. Recently, he has been devoted to public art to make art become a part of our daily lives. He has won first prize on Taipei City Art Exhibition, on Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Public Art Exhibition and on Chang-Hua Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare Public Art Exhibition.

HUANG, Qing-hui (1968-)

Huang was born in Lukang, a traditional and historic town in Taiwan. Instead of using the traditional way, Huang is good at creating well-executed lines with modernity to convey the oriental concept, trying hard to add new sprit into the monotonous modern sculptures. With the extensive field of vision, Huang’s creation becomes popular public art designs in many institutions and organizations in Taiwan.

LIU, Yu (1959-)

Liu Yu is a famous sculptor in Taiwan. His artworks with elegant hand carved and good skill. Especially the well-known art-crafts is Buddha’s sculpture, and  he  has ever participated the producing of Buddha in Japan. Liu Yu has had many solo and group exhibitions since 1992. also you can see there are many outside art-crafts in scenic spots . Therefore, Liu Yu’s sculptures are popular with a lot of people.

LEUNG, Ting-kwok (1977-)

Leung, born in Hong Kong in 1977, started to learn pottery in 1995, majored in 3D computer animation at Vancouver Film School, and majored in art at Kwantlen University College and Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver from 2001 to 2005. His work was selected and exhibited at the Place des Art in Canada in1998 and was exhibited in China Nanjing Shenghua Arts Center "Ode to Joy- An Exhibition of Contemporary Art" in 2003. His work is also selected at ARTS2010 - 2012, on display at the Surrey Art Gallery, selected and displayed on "2010 Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters" at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong, selected in Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale in 2012 and was exhibited at New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

His Harmony series won the highest honor at Cluj International Ceramics Biennale (CICB 2013) in Romania.

XIE, Dong-liang (1949-)

Xie was born in 1949. He is the first sculptor who has won the permanent qualification for Art Exhibition. He also started a revolution in sculpting by using glass fiber extensively. He has been invited to major art international and domestic galleries and exhibitions and was well-received by the public, such as at Shanghai Art Museum and Asian International Art Exhibition, and so on. Twelve of his masterpieces were reserved in three major domestic art museums( National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts).