- the love for the land

Every detail of the art work tells the experience of life, filling with emotions and spirits.

This is why it is so fascinating. Through the graver, we carve our love for the land, hometown, and life.


- the blessings from palm

Every piece of work is carved and made by hands, showing the detail and feature of each animal.

Therefore, when you hold and admire the piece, you can feel its warmness and passion.

The designers show their enthusiasm through the art work, delivering the warmth from our hand to our heart.


- the cohesion of the sand and stones

Every stone carving needs a stone which is three times its size.

Small pieces of stones can hardly be made into art works.

However, Chuan Gallery, with its fantastic techniques, combines stone powder and gravels to create art works, cherishing every grain of sand.


- the tenacity of life

The speedy and strong saw creates sharp textures, which are like the sparks and hope of life.

The unique wood axe creates unique textures and lines.

Through the fine expertise of the craftsman, 1200-degree sintering and more than 20 copper casting methods, the designer finally completed this fine bronze work.